Ana Maria Lines is a journalist and Storyteller with an international reputation, vast repertoire and captivating style.
She works in schools, festivals, clubs, libraries , theatre and galleries. Her performances and workshops have  engaged and captivated both adults and children.
Ana’s repertoire is wide: from folk tales and myths from Brazil, to stories from around the world and real life stories.

“Ana Maria Lines is a storyteller who takes audiences on a journey, drawing them into other worlds and experiences to delight, entertain, dream  and intrigue ”  –  Donald Smith,  Director Scottish Storytelling Centre

“Ana Lines does more than tell stories, she animates them through her performances.  Her performance was spun so enchantingly that I didn’t want to be released from the spell” – Paula, Show in Wolverhampton

“Ana brings a unique offering and voice to the art of traditional storytelling. She finds unique ways to make her performances relevant and appealing to contemporary audiences whilst artfully interweaving traditional storytelling” – 
Charles Tyrer, Settle Stories