Ana Maria Lines was born in São Paulo Brazil and grew up in a very multicultural environment, surrounded by stories, traditions and myths from all over the world.
This influenced her choices in both her personal and  professional life. She studied Social Communications, Journalism and Marketing and as a journalist she tried to make the most of any opportunity to learn to exchange personal and traditional stories in the communities she visited. During her work as trainer in companies she used storytelling techniques to work with motivation, creativity, memory and relationships between groups.
The decision to become a professional storyteller came later. Ana Lines has developed her unique storytelling style by observing the relationship between tribes and some communities with traditional stories , dance and music. The links between these arts are realities to these people. We don’t tell stories just with words, in her shows she has been linking stories with dance and music.
Ana Lines has a vast repertoire which she uses in performances. From folk tales and myths from Brazil, to stories from around the world and real life stories. Ana runs successful storytelling events and workshops for adults and children in UK and abroad.


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