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“Reflecting Fridas ”  by Ana Maria Lines

The life and work of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo are the inspiration for the show  “Reflecting Fridas”, created and performed by Brazilian storyteller Ana Maria Lines. Frida’s soul echos in many of us. Frida’s diversities, love, injuries, suffering were the subject for her work  An unique life , an exceptional woman.

The show was launched at the Edinburgh international Storytelling Festival 2016, and has returned to Edinburgh in 2017. It  has been sold out in Wolverhampton. Also performed at FatE- Festival at the Edge , in Findhorn and  Settle Festival, Galleries, Clubs.

“Ana Lines does more than tell stories, she animates them through her performances. Her Frida Kahlo biography, intertwined with inter-generational tales, was spun so enchantingly that I didn’t want to be released from the spell”,

“Ana Lines’ one – woman Frida Kahlo show is a tour of force. Everything works, from her charming storytelling style to the brilliant narrative structure of the show which allows her to interweave 3 folktales into Frida’s extraordinary life story. A great deal of research and rehearsal must have taken place to produce such a seemingly effortless piece.
Estupendo”, Candi Miller

“Barbecued Husbands”

Show based and inspired by some of the indigenous mytths part of the anthology collected by the Brazilian Anthropologist Betty Mindlin. The stories are about love and hate . the afterword, food, work., the humanity’s favourite themes . The myths selected by this performance are united by the common thread of the experience of love.

“Thanks for  cracking evening!  I thought Ana completely shone – really pleased I came to see her.  I had just come across that barbecued husband story (hadn’t made the connection in advance that it would be the same one)and thought that it was completely untellable until she triumphantly proved me wrong.  Really stylish telling, rich and complex material. “, Marion Leeper – Cambridge Storytellers

“The Princes of Destiny”

The story that is about to happen to one person has already happened to others in the past. Ana Lines will tell stories from the yoruba people and multicultural tales very close to your heart. Meet the princes, warriors gods and  goddesses of your past and future . Ana presents tales about destiny and myths from yorubas and their influence in Brazil and Cuba.

“Thanks for sharing your stories, which were exotic, vivid and superbly performed. I admired your verbal ability (great sound effects!) and facial and physical skills. Every phrase packed a punch and there was no slack.
I definitely liked the relaxed chat at the beginning about your background and the source of the tales.”, Hebden Bridge











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