Ana Lines  works as a storyteller throughout the education sector in Foundation Phase, Key Stage One, Key Stage Two and in Secondary Schools.  She offers themes according to the School’s calendar and also the National Curriculum, adapting her work to better suit the necessity of the teachers and students. She also offer training for teachers.

Her workshops aim to:

  • Engage the imagination in a subtly different way
  • Encourage love of narrative
  • Improve listening skills
  • Encourage empathy
  • Provide a moment of stillness in the life of the listener
  • Stimulate interest in different cultures
  • Build confidence
  • Group work
  • Coordination and rhythm

Some examples of workshops and projects for schools:

The transition Dream, Year 6/7

Welcome and Transition Week! The sessions cover storytelling, drama, dance, geography, history, multicultural awareness, listening skills, working in a group, creativity and motivation.

Foreign language and storytelling

This workshop aims to provide the students with a multicultural experience through tales, music and language. It offers an opportunity for the students to take their first steps into foreign languages in an interactive and enjoyable way. Combined with storytelling, music and movements, the new language and cultural information will be presented to the group in a natural manner and gives a fantastic introduction and/or support for the language classes at the school.


“It was a mesmerising way of learning and interacting. Not only were the children engaged, but the adults were also engaged”, Nechells Primary School and ACT Academy

“Ana had a lovely manner with the children and was very encouraging. The children were entranced with her storytelling”, Knowsley Park School

“Ana Lines always goes the extra mile and adds another dimension to her storytelling  by incorporating music, drumming, origami or other languages.  She is an experienced and talented storyteller and  inspires children and adults alike with her tales. She happily writes new material  and is keen to work and travel to deliver her stories on behalf of my company. Her evaluations from the teachers are always positive and the schools enjoy her events.”, Adele Deane – WFS

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