Workshops and Projects


Create a Personal Narrative – Taster workshop (2 hours)

Your story matters. It is your identity. This storytelling workshop will be exploring the Mexican storytelling tradition to engage a trip down memory lane. You will learn to tell a story from your life. Bring a photo/image that is important to you and be transported back to that special moment.

Participants will have the opportunity to share their story after Ana’s performance of “Frida” that evening.

 “Harbouring Tales”

This project intends to remake the paths of discoveries not in conquests of territories but in establishing ties, bridges, parallels between peoples in welcoming new languages and cultures under one emblem – memory’.

The project is formed by storytelling performance, dance and storytelling workshops.
It is a potent mix and a beautiful journey through stories, songs and dance from Portugal and Brazil.

Wine and Stories

An enjoyable evening exploring the fascinating process of matching storytelling with appropriate wines from all over the world. Each of the quartet of countries will have one wine matched with a story.

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